Ponds And Water Features

Backyard OAsis

Bring peace and tranquillity as well as the restorative powers of water into your back yard. Whether it is a large pond or a small water garden, the benefits of a natural environment on your property will enhance your families well being.

We create unique and stunning water environments that allow you to reconnect with nature. designing a peaceful oasis while adding beauty and splendor to a property. Picture this, your very own waterfront property custom-built with your choice of natural or decorative streams, waterfalls, swimming ponds or even a private lake. You will be able to leave your busy life behind while in your private sanctuary and experience the healing and soothing properties of water. Kick back and enjoy the beauty and tranquility of flowing water, natural rocks, colourful fish, and lush plants while enjoying life’s simple pleasures with family and friends.

Wiggans Landscaping offers an array of water feature installations and other products. We strive toward quality customer care and unmatched pond expertise.

Here are a few unique water feature ideas for your property:

Babbling Stream and Waterfall
Introduce serenity into your outdoor space. Enjoy the calming sight and sound of water falling. This low maintenance water feature presents a unique way to incorporate water into any outdoor setting.
Transforming a Public Space
There is no better way to create a focal point and enhance commercial or public property than to introduce a water feature like large waterfalls or a long meandering stream.
Natural Swimming Pond
Enjoy a dip in your private swimming hole and enjoy the benefits of untouched naturally filtered water. Free of chemicals, your swimming pond will look like it was created by nature but will be designed according to your custom requirements.
Harvesting The Rain
The sustainable solution for stormwater management and water conservation, while also providing access to clean, usable water. Your water reservoir will maintain your garden and lawn during water restrictions.

A Range of Services

We are passionate about what we do because our work supports the environment – providing a home many species of birds, frogs, fish and other wildlife.